Workforce Development

The case manager's role as patient-centered guide and hub for the care team is more significant than ever. We need a knowledgeable case manager workforce ready to adapt and lead.

The Commission’s Case Manager Role & Function Study ties the latest practice demands and knowledge requirements to the Certified Case Manager credential. As the delivery system transforms and we focus on management of populations across the community, the Commission will continue to offer patients, employers, payers and providers access to a trained and prepared case manager workforce. We are seeking Champions of Case Management to drive and encourage certification as a career pathway.

The Commission provides professional development resources, delivered face-to-face, online and for self-learning, to help meet the demand for highly trained, competent case managers.

As health care grows increasingly complex and our population ages, the need for professional case managers has never been greater. Everyone has a role to play in developing the next generation of qualified case managers. To learn how you can help, watch the video below.