Pay for Certification

Certification is an investment in your career. Because the knowledge and skills demonstrated through certification are valuable to employers, it’s also an investment they’re willing to make on your behalf. 

  • 62 percent of CCM employers reimburse for the CCM exam, and 50 percent pay for it.* Ask if your organization reimburses for professional development, certification or continuing education.
  • The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) the CCM credential for reimbursement under the GI Bill for licensing and certification. See a description of the program and instructions for how to apply for reimbursement. Download the application for VA reimbursement of the CCM credential.
  • The CCM is approved to meet hospital Magnet Recognition status. If you work in a hospital, ask your supervisor whether CCM certification may be a covered continuing education expense for you and your case manager colleagues.
  • CCMC has collaborative partnership with NASW which provide discounts to help case managers get certified.

Employers recognize the value of CCM certification and financially support ongoing professional development, 58% pay for case managers to take the CCM exam, 44% require the credential, and 43% pay for CCM renewal. 

* Health2 Resources and CCMC, Professional and Demographic Characteristics of CCMs, January 2017.