Testing Information

What to Expect on Test Day

As of May 1, 2022, Prometric will no longer require candidates or test center personnel to wear masks unless required to do so by building management or local government mandates.

Step 1: When you walk into the test center, you will first be greeted by a friendly Prometric Test Center Administrator or TCA.

Step 2: The TCA will ask for your name and for a valid form of photo identification. Expired forms of IDs will not be accepted. The TCA will also ask you to sign a log book.

Step 3: The TCA may also provide you with any materials required for your test, such as scrap paper and a pencil or a dry erase board and pen. Next, the TCA will assign you a locker and provide you with a locker key. All of your personal belongings need to be placed in your temporary Prometric locker during your time in the test center. You will be permitted to keep your ID and your locker key with you at all times.

Step 4: If biometric-enabled check-in is required by your test sponsor, you'll be walked through a more in-depth process that includes everything from scanning your photo ID through a digital reader to capturing a fingertip scan.

Step 5: The TCA will then ask you to turn your pockets completely inside out to ensure that they have been emptied of all personal belongings. As a final step in this process, you will be scanned with a metal detector wand prior to entry into the test room.

Step 6: At this point, all of the standard rules and regulations that apply to Prometric test centers, as well as any that apply specifically to your test, will be explained to you.

Step 7: The TCA may also provide you with any materials required for your test, such as scrap paper and a pencil or a dry erase board and pen.

Step 8: If you have questions while testing, simply raise your hand and a TCA will come to assist you.

How do I schedule a Prometric exam?

The quickest and easiest way to schedule your exam is to do it online, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once you receive your ATT number from CCMC, go to the Prometric Website , you’re already partly done!  

You’ll be brought to the “home page” for the CCMC exam. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. You’ll go through a handful of steps that will include finding a testing center near you, entering your personal information, and supplying eligibility information (your ATT number).

What information should I be prepared to provide when I schedule my appointment?

When you schedule your appointment, you should be prepared to provide any or all of the following information:

  • Your name. The name used to schedule your appointment must EXACTLY match the name shown on your identification. At a minimum, the identification must be a valid, government-issued ID that shows your name in the English alphabet, your signature, and your photograph. Expired forms of IDs will not be accepted.
  • Your ATT Number
  • Contact phone numbers - If there is a problem, we will use these numbers to reach you
  • Mailing address - Please provide the address to which you would like any paper correspondence sent.
  • Exam title
  • E-mail address - Once again for contact purposes, this is often the fastest and most effective means of contact. Many test sponsors require e-mail contact information for registration.

Can I cancel and/or reschedule my test appointment via the Prometric Web site?

Yes. Many test appointments can be canceled and/or rescheduled through the Prometric Web site. Simply follow the on-screen instructions which will walk you through the process, step by step. As part of the process you’ll need to provide the confirmation number you received when you scheduled your exam initially, so please have it with you. If you do not have your confirmation number, please contact our customer service at 856-380-6836.

How far in advance do I need to reschedule my exam so that I don’t get charged a fee?

The following fees are payable to Prometric once you have scheduled your examination appointment:

  • More than 30 days before your scheduled exam appointment: No Fee (CCMC deferral fee may apply)
  • 5 - 29 days before your scheduled exam appointment: $25 payable to Prometric.
  • 4 days or less prior to scheduled appointment: $85 payable to Prometric. The candidate will not be able to cancel their exam and will be charged the $85 "No Show" fee.

Deferral Fee $85
Paid if you defer your exam appointment to the next consecutive exam window.  This fee may be in addition to any of the fees above.

Retake Fee $195
Paid if you need to reschedule another exam in the next consecutive exam window due to not receiving a passing score.

How long will it take for my eligibility or authorization to test to be downloaded into the system so that I can schedule an appointment to test?

CCMC requires eligibility to test.  After reviewing and approving your application, the files are downloaded and candidates are notified that test appointment scheduling is available.  This usually occurs 2 to 4 weeks after the application window closes.

Why would my local test center tell me that they don't schedule appointments?

The testing centers' primary purpose is to administer exams. Some centers may schedule appointments if you call them directly, however, this is more the exception than the rule. Most will not. Test centers prefer to have all of their appointments scheduled online or through the Prometric Contact Center. It is fast and easy to schedule an exam using Prometric’s website

How do I obtain the appointment date and time I want to take my exam?

When you go to our online registration Web site or speak to a representative from our Contact Center, you will be asked to provide your preferred test date. The first available time slot on that date will be offered to you. If your preferred appointment date is not available, you’ll be able to search for, and identify, an alternative date.

My appointment is scheduled for today, however, the testing center is closed. What should I do?

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances require a test center to unexpectedly close. Should this happen, we will make every effort to contact so that you don’t show up at the center. We will try contacting you by e-mail and by telephone, so please ensure that the contact information you provide during the scheduling and registration process is accurate. Should your center unexpectedly close for any reason, you will be contacted by the Prometric rescheduling department within 48-72 hours to reschedule your appointment. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If there is an emergency closing at the testing center, please make sure you contact us at 856-380-6836 or ccmchq@ccmcertification as soon as possible so we can reschedule your exam. 

I just want to make sure my exam is still on. How can I confirm it?

As part of the process you’ll need to provide the confirmation number you received when you scheduled your exam initially, so please have it with you. If you do not have your confirmation number, please contact our customer service center.

How do I find out if my testing center location is closed?

To check the status of your testing center location, please visit our Site Status page, where you'll find a list of all centers that are closed due to inclement weather or other circumstances.

When will I receive my score reports?

You will receive a Pass/Not Pass score at the test center.  CCMC receives the official results from Prometric about 2 weeks after the last day of the exam.  Those who received a Passing score can expect to receive their Certificate in the mail 30 days after the last day of the exam.  Those who did not pass receive an email notification to check your dashboard. the dashboard will include their score and results for each of the domain areas.  


The following test center regulations are enforced at Prometric test centers. All test takers are shown this list upon arrival at the center.

  1. You will be continuously monitored by video, physical walk-throughs and the observation window during your test. All testing sessions are video and audio recorded.
  2. You must present a valid (unexpired) and acceptable government issued photo ID(s) in order to take your test.
  3. You are required to sign out on the test center roster each time you leave the test room. You must also sign back in and show your ID to the Test Center Administrator (TCA) in order to be re-admitted to the test room.
  4. You are prohibited from communicating, publishing, reproducing, or transmitting any part of your test, in any form or by any means, verbal or written, for any purpose.
  5. You must not talk to other candidates or refer to their screens, testing materials, or written notes in the test room.
  6. You must not use written notes, published materials, or other testing aids, except those allowed by your test sponsor. (The TCA will refer to the applicable client practice for allowances.)
  7. You are allowed to bring soft ear plugs or center-supplied tissues in the test room.
  8. Any clothing or jewelry items allowed to be worn in the test room must remain on your person at all times. Removed clothing or jewelry items must be stored in your locker.
  9. You must not bring any personal/unauthorized items into the testing room. Such items include but are not limited to: outerwear, hats, food, drinks, purses, briefcases, notebooks, pagers, watches, cellular telephones, recording devices, and photographic equipment. Weapons are not allowed at any Prometric Testing Center. You will be asked to empty and turn your pockets inside out prior to every entry into the test room to confirm that you have no prohibited items.
  10. You will be scanned with a metal detector wand prior to every entry into the test room. If you refuse, you cannot test.
  11. You must return all materials issued to you by the TCA at the end of your test.
  12. You must comply with the policy of your test sponsor regarding the use of phones during scheduled breaks in your test.
  13. Repeated or lengthy departures from the test room for unscheduled breaks will be reported by the TCA.
  14. If you need access to an item stored in the test center during a break such as food or medicine, you must inform the TCA before you retrieve the item. You are not allowed to access any prohibited item (as defined by the client practice applicable for the test you are taking).
  15. You must conduct yourself in a civil manner at all times when on the premises of the testing center. Exhibiting abusive behavior towards the TCA, or any other staff member of the test center, may result in criminal prosecution.
  16. To protect the privacy of all testers, the TCA can neither confirm nor deny if any particular individual is present or scheduled at the test center.
  17.  Persons not scheduled to take a test are not permitted to wait in the test center.