Review the entire Certification Guide to determine if you are eligible to take the exam.

Qualify with ONE of the Following Education Categories

Examples: RN, LCSW, Rx

Baccalaureate or Master's Degree from an accredited institution, in a Health or Human Services Field

Examples: CRC, CDMS

AND ONE of the Employment Categories

12 Months Full-Time Case Management Experience

**Supervised by a CCM


24 Months Full-Time Case Management Experience

**Supervisor does NOT have to be a CCM


12 Months Full-Time Supervisory Experience

**As a Supervisor of individuals who provide Case Management

Are you self-employed?

Upon filling out the application, you will be asked if you are self-employed. If so, you will be required to list three companies or firms that purchase your services. Include dates of service and billable hours per month. 

Note: The Commission Does NOT Require Pre-Requisite Courses or Programs to Take or Prepare for the Exam. 

* This is NOT a Conclusive List of Licenses and Certifications.

**Employment Experience MUST Meet the Conditions Outlined Under Section 5 of the CCMC Certification Guide.

+The Individual MUST have Completed a Supervised Field Experience in Case Management, Health, or Behavioral Health.