Pre-Approved Continuing Education (PACE)

Q - Why was I assessed a late fee?

A - $125 late fee for anything submitted 10-19 business days before the day of the program.

Q - How long is my course approved for?

A - One calendar year.

Q - How can I get my organization’s program approved for CCM board certified case managers?

A - Submit your application with payment at least 20 business days (4 calendar weeks) before you offer your activity.

Q - I forgot to submit my organization’s program for approval and the activity has already taken place. What can I do?

A - The Commission will not retroactively approve programming for any reason, at any time.

Q - How long is the turnaround time for receiving a decision on my application?

A - Because of the large volume of applications we receive, it can take up to 30 calendar days after submission and receipt of payment to make a decision on an application. If a late fee is paid, the Commission will expedite the review of your program.

Q - How do I get the approval once my program is reviewed?

A - The final decision letter (approval or rejection) will be emailed to the contact person listed on your application. If approved, this letter will contain your approval number, activity code and the CCM approval statement which must be included on the certificate of completion provided to participants. Please be sure to add to your safe sender's list.

Q - If my program is approved for CCM board certified case managers, will RNs or social workers be able to get credits for it?

A - The Commission only grants CE for board-certified case managers. To obtain any other professional type of CE and the activity code, please contact the appropriate state licensing/certifying board.

Q - What if our company does not have a brochure for the program we would like to have approved?

A - If you do not have a brochure, you will need to create one. Your promotional materials can be an email reminder to employees, promotional copy on your website, a formal, printed brochure, etc. There are further details regarding the requirements for promotional materials on page 12 of the PACE Guide.

Q - I have not received my approval yet. When will I get it?

A - If you have not heard from The Commission via email within 30 business days of your application submission, please email or call the National Office at 856-380-6836 to check the status of your application.

Q - Do we need to issue a certificate to attendees?

A - Yes, the certificate must include approval language, activity code, and approval number issued by CCMC. Must also have the name of the attendee, name of program, date, amount of CCM credit issued, contact info of provider. Certificates must be issued in case a CCM is audited.

Q - What is the difference between and in service and standard applications?

A - In-service applications are for employers providing in-service training to their employees at no cost. The in-service fee is $50 per course/year. The standard fee is $125 per course/year.

Q – What if my program is on more than one date?

A – You can write in ‘various’ but it will still be valid for 1 year.