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Certification Principles

Certificants will:

  • place the public interest above their own at all times.
  • respect the rights and inherent dignity of all their clients.
  • always maintain objectivity in their relationships with clients.
  • act with integrity in dealing with other professionals and facilitate their clients' achieving maximum benefits.
  • keep their competency at a level that ensures their clients will receive the benefit of services that are appropriate and consistent for the client's conditions and circumstances.
  • honor the integrity and respect the limitations placed on the use of the CCM® designation.
  • obey all laws and regulations.
  • help maintain the integrity of the Code of Professional Conduct for Case Managers.

In addition to Certificant Principles, you should learn about the important research CCMC has undertaken to identify the competencies and job functions constituting the practice of case management on the Research by CCMC page.