Why CCM® Certification Matters

The certification process by the Commission for Case Manager Certification® (CCMC) includes a rigorous review of a professional’s case management knowledge and case management experience. Check out our Why CCM® Certification Matters flyer to find out what sets the CCM® apart. 

CCMs are seasoned professionals

  • 61% of CCMs have been in case management for 10 or more years
  • Professional background:
    • 88% RN
    • 8% Social worker
    • 4% Workers' compensation

In addition to experience, education and the distinction of earning the CCM, almost all board-certified case managers bring value to employers through specialty expertise. 98% of CCMs have specialty experience in one or more areas, including geriatrics, care transitions, managed care, home health, and more! Employers recognize the value of CCM certification and financially support ongoing professional development, 58% pay for case managers to take the CCM exam, 44% require the credential, and 43% pay for CCM renewal. CCMs who supervise other case managers recognize the value of the credential when hiring—and so do their employers. 

Salaries for CCMs continue to rise. The majority of CCMs earn more than $80,000 annually, and salaries have trended upwards for 5+ years. That compares favorably with median salaries for nurses and social workers—the fields in which most case managers are trained. A majority earned salary increases in the past 12 months, too, indicating a strong upward salary trajectory. More than half of CCMs who are executives earn more than $100,000 annually, as do more than a third of CCMs in management roles.

Benefits of CCM certification extend beyond salary alone:

  • 88% of CCMs say certification has had a positive impact on their career.
  • 94% have recommended the CCM to other case managers.
  • CCMs seek certification to:
    • Improve employment options
    • Advance professional standing
    • Enhance personal growth