Plan, Don’t Panic: Five Paths to Stay Certified (Without Breaking a Sweat)

Posted by Debby Formica, COO, Commission for Case Manager Certification on 10/16/2018 - 8:59 AM

I love this time of year when the heat-weary summer sky transitions to the crisp, clear blue of fall. Fall is also one of two times a year we get to hear from the many CCMs who are renewing their credential. It’s a great time to re-engage and communicate about the changes that happen over the five years between renewal periods.

There are really quite a lot of you who regularly add your continuing education credits to your CCM dashboard and are able to renew on the first day it’s available. For others, renewal is the time you submit all your continuing education credits at once. Whatever your style, one thing is certain: Five years passes quickly, so it’s never too early to start thinking about the continuing education required to renew your credential.

Regular professional development represents the commitment every board-certified case manager makes to ethical practice and lifelong learning. Board-certified case managers must earn 80 hours of continuing education credit for renewal over five years (eight of these must be designated as ethics). That sounds like a lot, but when you break it down, it’s just 16 continuing education credits per year.

We encourage you to set a steady pace for renewal. Case managers have shared with us a number of ways they regularly keep up with the trends and engage in active learning, like attending CMSA and NASW chapter events and employer-based learning. To complement these channels, the Commission offers five paths to stay certified (without breaking a sweat)1:

  1. Subscribe to the CCMC Case Management Body of Knowledge®—100+ CCM continuing education credits (11 for ethics)
    • The Commission’s online, ever-growing continuing education platform contains content developed by knowledge experts. For CCMs, the cost to subscribe is just $99 a year.
  2. Attend the CCMC New World Symposium®—up to 17 CCM continuing education credits/Year (at least 2 for ethics)
    • This exciting annual event draws case managers from across the nation to meet, network and engage. Hear from inspiring, thought-provoking speakers and earn all your pre-approved CCM continuing education credits for the year while you connect with other CCMs and learn. CCMs who register early get special rates.
  3. Participate in CMLearning Network® Webinars—up to 6 CCM continuing education credits/Year (at least 1 for ethics)
    • Each year, the Commission produces 6 live webinars featuring national experts on timely topics for case managers. By registering in advance and completing the evaluation, case managers may earn 1 CCM continuing education credit per webinar ($25 fee).
  4. Subscribe to the CareManagement Journal—up to 24 CCM continuing education credits/Year
    • Produced by the Academy of Certified Case Managers (ACCM), CareManagement is the official journal of the Commission. CCMs may join ACCM (membership fee is $120) to receive the bi-monthly journal. Each issue includes access to 4 pre-approved CCM continuing education credits.
  5. Browse the PACE Directory: 25,000+ CCM continuing education credits
    • All the courses pre-approved for CCM renewal are found in the searchable directory—webinars, onsite events, journal articles, home-based learning courses and web-based education. Search by location, course type, provider or number of CCM continuing education credits you need.

A little planning and a steady pace can make continuous learning one of the best things about being a CCM. As always, the Commission’s Renewal Navigators are ready to help; just call us at (856) 380-6836.

1Purchase of these materials is NOT required for renewal. 


Thank you so much.

Just curious as to why we have to pay for all of the above, in addition to paying for the renewal.

Hi Susan,
Thank you for reaching out to CCMC. The Commission offers courses at the lowest rates possible for our CCMs and purchase of these courses are entirely optional. There are even some free CE options available, such as the CCMC Code of Professional Conduct ( and ACCM Supplements ( You can also always contact our Customer Service team to inquire about additional offers at (856) 380-6836.

Thank you

Thank you. This was really a great reminder of how to keep up w those CEUs easily. I appreciate the increased level of communication from CCMC

I'm looking for CEU's specifically in the area of Traumatic brain injury outpt Case Management. I work at the VALB. I start this position October 29, 2018

Hi Sheila,
Thank you for reaching out! We recommend taking a look at our PACE Provider Directory and search for Traumatic Brain Injury courses. If you click the link below it should take you directly there. We also have a session scheduled for our New World Symposium 2019 focusing on Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services. You can read more about this session here:

Good information and encouragement. Thank you

Thank you for the info. I became certified in May 2018. I completed 12 CEUS yesterday. Getting a head start.

Are the Home Study courses with Western Schools-ANCC, approved by CCMC?

Thanks for contacting CCMC. Please contact Western Schools for more information in regards to their courses.

I am concerned because I am up for renewal of my CCM, however it appears everything has a price in addition to the renewal process and the additional charge for reviewing what you took elsewhere. I am a retired RN and contrary to what you may believe retirement is in no way the same as working. So living on a fixed income just trying to keep my head above water this process is too costly. There should be a category for us retiree's who want to stay certified. Also in my state we need CEU's to renew our license.


Thanks for contacting CCMC. We apologize you feel that the renewal process is costly. There are discounts available, please contact customer service for more information at 856-380-6836. Also, have you considered our retirement status? The retirement credential allows non-practicing CCMs to remain flexible about their future. CCM-R permits retired CCMs to regain full CCM status without re-taking the exam. If your retirement status changes and you wish to regain the use of your CCM certification, you would simply need to meet the renewal criteria and pay the renewal fee at the time of reinstatement. Choosing the CCM-R leaves the door open to reactivate your CCM in case you want to return to the workforce within your renewal period (5 years from expiration date). Although this is not an active status, this may be beneficial to you in the future. You can learn more here: or contact customer service if you have additional questions.

Is the pricing for #4 a typo? $12? When I looked up ACCM/Care Management Journal, it shows membership $120 per year. Thanks!

Thank you for bringing that to our attention! Yes, the correct fee is $120. We have updated the blog post.

I need information on where/how to log my CE's for CCM renewal. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Thank you for contacting CCMC. In order to enter CEs you've earned, you must log in into to your CCM account (, and access your CCM dashboard. Once you've logged in, select "My Account" at the top of your screen, next choose "My CCMC dashboard" from the drop-down. You may enter 3 types of courses, they include "Pre-Approved", "Post-Approved" and "University" courses. Please review the Renewal Guide ( for detailed instructions or contact customer service at 856-380-6836.

I have applied for CCM renewal 10/11/18 and haven't heard back yet. In my dashboard it says Manual review and when I call CCM, I am told it is under review. My CCM certificate expired 11/30/18 and I am a little bit nervous about not hearing back yet. What if some of my courses which are not preapproved, would not meet qualification?

Thank you, Elena.

Thank you for contacting CCMC. We apologize for the delay, typically the review process takes 2-4 weeks. Please contact customer service at 856-380-6836 for more information. If your courses are not accepted, you will be given 30 days to obtain more credits.

Is there a place to log my CE contact hours? I just received my CCM and have 10 contact hours. It would be nice to keep in up to date as I go.


Thank you for contacting CCMC. Congratulations on becoming a CCM! In order to enter CEs you've earned, you must log in into to your CCM account (, and access your CCM dashboard. You may enter 3 types of courses, they include "Pre-Approved", "Post-Approved" and "University" courses. Please review the Renewal Guide ( for detailed instructions or contact customer service at 856-380-6836.

I am unable to find anywhere how to submit a name change. I got married last year and thought I submitted it to you guys as well, but my dashboard still shows my maiden name. I'd like to get this changed before I renew. Please advise.

Please email ( or fax (856-439-0525) a copy of your driver's license. In the subject line please write "Name Change", and in the body of the email/fax, please specify what your name is in our system and what you would like it changed to.

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