What is the Role & Function Study?

Posted by Martine DiDonato, Director of Administration and Operations on 06/10/2019 - 11:38 AM

The Commission has begun the process of the 2019 Role & Function Study (The Study).  The results of this research, conducted every five years, will inform the Commission’s Certified Case Manager (CCM®) exam. The CCM is the most comprehensive research-based certification available to case managers. CCMC validates and improves the CCM® certification exam with data from this study to ensure it is reflective of the current state of case management as a practice.

This is the most significant research administered by CCMC and is a rigorous process.  It involves collaboration with researchers, Subject Matter Experts (SME), test developers and case managers.  The Role and Function Study examines the work done by case managers, as well as the knowledge and skills needed to perform this work. The Study forms the basis for the CCM® examination, relating what is covered on the certification test directly back to professional practice.

An in-person meeting was held in March 2019.  The meeting was dedicated to the development of the Role & Function Survey Instrument (The Survey). The Survey was reviewed and revised by a Task Force of practicing case managers.

The purpose of The Survey is to identify the essential activities performed by case managers, as well as the important knowledge areas required to effectively perform this role. The content for this survey builds on previous Role and Function Studies. The results of The Survey will allow CCMC to ensure that the Certified Case Manager (CCM) certification and other services reflect current practices of case management professionals.  Data from The Survey is analyzed to select the most important case management knowledge areas and job tasks to determine the weight and selection of knowledge tested on the exam.

A pilot survey was sent to a small group of individuals to provide input before it is sent to a large sample of practicing case managers.  The Survey asks case managers in the field—both board-certified and professional case managers—to carefully consider their current work to accurately benchmark the many facets of case management as it evolves as a discipline. Subsequently, another in-person meeting will be held to discuss the results of the survey and the test specifications for future exams. 

Next steps include conducting a crosswalk to compare the current exam domains, as found in the CCM Certification Guide, to those determined from the most recent Study.  A draft of the report will then be created.

Future in-person meetings and webinars will be held to discuss the findings of the report. One of the workshops will be used to establish a passing standard (also known as a cut score).

The Commission’s exam is a requirement for board certification, which validates a high level of expertise and is often considered a benchmark for professional career advancement and organizational leadership. The CCM is the oldest and largest case manager credential.  The CCMC Role & Function Study, will identify a number of key findings for both case manager professionals as well as the case management practice.

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