Renewal FAQs

Q - What is the Commission for Case Manager Certification?
A - The CCMC is the first and largest nationally accredited organization that certifies case managers. The CCMC is a non-profit, volunteer organization that oversees the process of case manager certification.

Q - I have forgotten my username/password.
A - Go to my CCM Dashboard and choose “Forgot Password”. Your password will be emailed to the email listed in your CCMC record.

Q – I am having trouble seeing my dashboard.
A - Internet Explorer has known incompatibilities with the functionality of My CCM Dashboard site.  Please only use current versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best experience.  

Certification Guide and Exam Guide

Q - How much is the application? 
A - $225
Q - How much is the exam? 
A - $195
Total paid with Application  is $420

Q - What is the process to become certified?
A - You must meet all eligibility requirements, fill out and submit a complete application, including employer and primary license information, with complete fees. Once your application is approved, you will be notified and assigned an ID number. You may then schedule your exam at a local computer-based testing site. After you take the exam, you will be notified of your test results, and mailed a certificate and letter of certification if you've passed.

Q - When can I apply for the exam?
A - View the application time line.

Q - I am unable to take the exam, can I receive a refund?
A - If you are unable to take the test during the exam cycle for which you are approved, you may request and pay a one-time deferment ($85) to the next consecutive exam cycle. Please  contact CCMC Customer Service at 856-380-6836 or to set up a deferment.  If you do not take the exam, and you do not schedule a deferment, you will have to reapply and pay for a new application and exam. ($420)

Q - How do I know if I am eligible to apply?
A - Refer to the Certification Guide to determine if you are eligible.

Q - I need special testing accommodations.  Will CCMC help me?
A - All of the computer-based testing sites are ADA compliant.  Special accommodations must be documented by your physician or other professional familiar with your case and submitted to CCMC.  If your accommodations are approved, you will schedule your exam appointment with direction by CCMC. 

Q - I’ve been approved to test. How do I get my testing number so I can schedule with the testing vendor?
A - Once you are approved, you will receive an email with your all of your scheduling instructions and candidate ID#.

Q - What can I expect when I arrive at the testing center? 
A - The testing center offers candidates a chance to become familiar with the look, feel and experience of the test center in advance of your exam. 

Q - How long will it take for me to be notified of my results?
A - Immediately after completing your exam, the computer station at which you are working will display your immediate pass/fail score. You will have an option to print the result and take a hard copy with you.   You may not use the CCM credential until you have been officially notified of your results. CCMC provides exam pass/not pass results on your individual candidate dashboard four (4) weeks after the last exam of the testing window is issued. You will receive a detailed score report if you do not pass or a certificate if you do pass posted to your private dashboard.

Q - I failed the exam.  What are my options?
A - You can schedule a retake ($195) for the next cycle by contacting Customer Service at 856-380-6836 or to set up a retake.  If you do not schedule the retake in the next consecutive cycle, you will have to re-apply and pay the application and exam fee ($420)

Q - I had a death in the family.  I would like to defer to the next cycle.  What do I do?
A - Contact CCMC Customer Service at 856-380-6836 or to set up a deferment ($85).  Deferment can be made any time between the time of initial approval and the week before the last day of the next exam cycle.  If you do not take the exam in the first available cycle and you fail to schedule a deferral, you will need to complete a new application and pay application and exam fees ($385)

Q - Can you recommend any study guides to help me prepare?
A - CCMC does not endorse or recommend any preparatory course or materials.  Review the exam guide and the different Domains that are included in the exam and concentrate on those areas in which you feel you have had less experience or that you do not perform on a regular basis.  CCMC has published a list of references and a glossary of terms that are listed on the website. CCMC does offer a variety of exam study materials

Q - How many questions are on the exam?
A - The exam consists of 180 multiple-choice questions.  150 are operational and 30 are pretest items.  The exam is comprised of 5 major domains and 59 subdomains.  You will have 3 hours to complete the content portion of the test.

Q - My application was denied.  What can I do?
A - You can appeal the decision by making a request through your dashboard within 30 days.  You will be required to submit additional information.  If the denial is upheld, you will receive a refund of the examination fee.

Q - I am a social worker.  Am I eligible?
A –  Any health or human services professional with a four-year degree as outlined in the Certification Guide and who meets the experience requirements is eligible to sit for the CCM exam.


Renewal Guide

Q - How often must I renew my certification?
A - Every 5 years. The valid through date is printed on your certificate.

Q - How do I renew my certification?
A - At the time of renewal, you will need to have accrued 80 hours of CE, send in a copy of your current license, pay $275 renewal fee, and complete the online renewal form.

Q - What is the fee for recertification?
A - Renewal through CE $275, Renewal through Re-examination $470 (includes renewal and exam fee) plus any post approved CE review fees ($15/ea).

Q - What is the difference between post approval and pre approval CE?
A - Pre-approved courses have been approved by CCMC.  Simply ask the course sponsor prior to registering. When you complete the activity, the sponsor will provide you with an attendance verification form that includes the CCMC approval number and the activity code.  Any activity that involves a focus area described in the Renewal Guide can be submitted for approval on a post approval basis.  There is a processing fee of $15/course.  The fees are automatically calculated for you on the website application with easy to follow instructions for payment.

Q - Where can I find CE providers?
A - The CE providers listed on the CCMC website is provided as a service to our certificants and is not meant as an endorsement of any of the listed programs.  Providers pay a fee to be listed and may not be pre-approved by CCMC.  It is up to the individual to verify pre-approval status with the provider.

Q - What are the fees for post approval courses?
A - Single program post approval is $15 per course.

Q - Do I need to submit a new application for recertification? 
A - You will need to complete an online renewal form, submit a copy of your current license, enter your 80 hours of CE and pay the $275 renewal fee plus any post approved CE review fees.

Q - When can I submit my recertification?
A - You will be able to complete your renewal approximately 3 months prior to the “valid though” date printed on your certificate.  The online renewal system is activated at this time.

Q - What options do I have for renewal?
A - There are 2 renewal options.
1. Documentation of 80 hours of approved CE
2. Re-examination

Q - How do I enter CE?
A - Login to your CCM Dashboard and enter your courses as pre-approved or post approved.

Q - I am entering pre-approved credits and I can’t find the activity code and approval number.
A - If it is not on your certificate of attendance, you must contact the provider.

Q - If I earn more than 80 clock hours in a five-year period, may I apply the excess to the next renewal cycle?
A - No you cannot. Since continuing education is intended to keep certificants current with emerging trends and technologies, CE's must be earned within your current 5 year cycle

Q – Will I be charged for post approved CE entered after I reach 80 CE?
A – Yes, you will be charged a review fee for all post approved CE entered so enter only your required number of CE’s.

Q - Can I send in my CE documentation?
A - No, certificants must document their CE activities online. Please save all documentation in case your transcript is audited.  You will need to provide all certificates of attendance at that point.

Q - I missed the deadline to renew.  What can I do to maintain my certification?
A - If you fail to renew, you are required to re-apply, meet all CURRENT standards, and retake the exam.

Q - What is the deadline for renewing through re-examination? 
A - A CCM must exercise the re-examination option before the “valid through” date on their certificate, or the CCM designation will expire.  Individuals with expired CCM designations are not permitted to resume using the CCM credential until they have successfully applied for and passed the examination.

Q - I missed the deadline.  Can I still renew? 
A - CCMC will accept and review formal late renewal requests submitted within the first 30 days after the “valid through” date printed on the individual’s certificate.  In order to be considered, the CCM must have the following: Documentation of 80 hours of CE, a current license that allows for independent practice and a clear and compelling reason with documentation for having missed the deadline. If a request is approved, the CCM will need to pay the standard renewal fee plus an additional late fee.  ($275 + $175) Late renewal requests submitted after 30 days are considered denied without review.  Not receiving notification of renewal deadline or lack of awareness of renewal deadline or process are not valid excuses.

Q - What’s the difference between a professional case manager and a board-certified case manager?
A - The Commission gives eligible professional case managers an opportunity to be board certified as case managers across the spectrum of health and human services. We know from the growing demand for board-certified case managers that employers acknowledge their value. To be eligible for the CCM Exam, you must hold a current, active, and unrestricted licensure or certification in a health or human services discipline that within its scope of practice allows the professional to conduct an assessment independently and/or a baccalaureate or graduate degree in social work, nursing, or another health or human services field that promotes the physical, psychosocial, and/or vocational well-being of the persons being served.  In addition, you must satisfy the a minimum of 12-24 months of acceptable case management employment experience as defined by the Commission.

Board-certified case managers demonstrate they have the expertise, knowledge and professional experience to provide the right services to patients across the continuum of care. They are committed to uphold the highest professional and ethical standards. To maintain their credential, board-certified case managers must comply with the Code of Professional Conduct for Case Managers, which is enforced by the Commission


Q - Why was I assessed a late fee?
A - $125 late fee for anything submitted 10-19 days before the day of the program.

Q - How long is my course approved for?
A - One calendar year.

Q - How can I get my organization’s program approved for CCM board certified case managers?
A - Submit your application with payment at least 20 business days (4 calendar weeks) before you offer your activity.

Q - I forgot to submit my organization’s program for approval and the activity has already taken place.  What can I do?
A - The Commission will not retroactively approve programming for any reason, at any time.

Q - How long is the turnaround time for receiving a decision on my application? 
A - Because of the large volume of applications we receive, it can take up to 30 calendar days after submission and receipt of payment to make a decision on an application.  If a late fee is paid, the Commission will expedite the review of your program.

Q - How do I get the approval once my program is reviewed?
A - The final decision letter (approval or rejection) will be emailed to the contact person listed on your application.  If approved, this letter will contain your approval number, activity code and the CCM approval statement which must be included on the certificate of completion provided to participants.  Please be sure to add to your safe senders list.

Q - If my program is approved for CCM board certified case managers, will RNs or social workers be able to get credits for it? 
A - The Commission only grants CE for board certified case managers.  To obtain any other professional type of CE and the activity code, please contact the appropriate state licensing/certifying board.

Q - What if our company does not have a brochure for the program we would like to have approved?
A - If you do not have a brochure, you will need to create one.  Your promotional materials can be an email reminder to employees, promotional copy on your website, a formal, printed brochure, etc. There are further details regarding requirements for promotional materials on page 14 of the PACE Guide. 

Q - I have not received my approval yet.  When will I get it?
A - If you have not heard from The Commission via email within 30 business days of your application submission, please email or call the National Office at 856-380-6836 to check the status of your application.

Q - Do we need to issue a certificate to attendees?
A - Yes, the certificate must include approval language, activity code and approval number issued by CCMC. Must also have name of attendee, name of program, date, amount of CCM credit issued, contact info of provider. Certificates must be issued incase a CCM is audited.

Q - What is the difference between and in service and standard applications?
A - In service applications are for employers providing in-service training to their employees at no cost. In-service fee is $50 per course/year.  Standard fee is $125 per course/year.

Q – What if my program is more than one date?
A – You can write in ‘various’ but it will still be valid for 1 year.