Survey findings: Many board-certified case managers work remotely as salaries continue to climb

Posted on 02/23/2023 - 1:08 PM

Contact: Kate Lyons
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Survey findings: Many board-certified case managers work remotely as salaries continue to climb
Most important roles seen as advocacy, ensuring appropriate care, and educating and empowering clients

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., February 28, 2023—Professional case managers certified by the Commission for Case Manager Certification® receive strong compensation and workplace flexibility, according to a new survey that highlights the indispensable nature of case management.

More than 50,000 case managers are certified with the Certified Case Manager® (CCM®) credential. CCM certificants bring immense value within various health care organizations.

The Commission released an e-book to share findings from a national survey of CCM certificants. The survey found that among respondents, those who supervise case managers highly value the credential, CCM certificants tend to see high pay and stability, and they are increasingly likely to work remote or hybrid. Respondents report that their roles primarily focus on quality and patient empowerment, coordination among different providers, helping clients navigate the health care system, and advocating for their clients.

Additional findings include:

  • The top three most important roles of a case manager were identified by respondents as: advocacy, ensuring appropriate care, and educating and empowering clients.
  • The site of practice is changing. Today, only 30% of respondents work on-site, while 18% work hybrid — both remote and in-person — and the remaining 52% work remotely.
  • 86% of respondents report that certification has benefited their career.
  • Respondents’ median annual salaries have risen since 2019, ranging from $90,000–$100,000, with pay significantly higher than that of social workers and registered nurses , which are the two most common backgrounds among certificants.
  • 77% of respondents report salaries above $80,000, and 36% report salaries above $100,000. 75% have received a pay raise in the last 12 months.
  • 74% of CCM employers responding prefer or require certification for case managers.

“As the health care system evolves rapidly, the role of the professional case manager grows even more crucial to ensure clients receive safe, effective, and coordinated care throughout complex health care challenges,” said MaryBeth Kurland, MPA, CAE, ICE-CCP, CEO of the Commission. “The Commission invests in programs and workforce development tools that offer lifelong learning for today’s case manager as we promote, advance, and advocate for the professional case manager. This survey allows us to understand certificants’ needs, informing our education and advocacy. Its findings demonstrate the tremendous value and professional excellence CCM certificants bring to the various care settings in which they work.”

The Commission administers a practice and evidence-based exam to certify case managers. Board-certified case managers follow its Code of Professional Conduct and engage in continuing education, equipping themselves to coordinate and improve clients’ care in health care settings including hospitals, insurers, third party administrators, small care agencies, and more. Case managers help clients through various challenges — from finding financial assistance and coordinating care to providing emotional and medical support — and to ensure clients and caregivers have what they need to navigate the health care system and optimize outcomes of care.

“Today’s case manager must support clients through a broad and complex range of functions,” added Teri Treiger, RN, MA, CCM, CHCQM, FABQAURP, Chair of the Commission. “The Commission is here not only to advance the profession, but we are also committed to building a better case management team to meet the needs of a diverse client population by exploring all aspects of case management — not just education, advocacy, and lifelong learning, but also the growing need for self-care amidst high levels of burnout.”

The Commission is working to address growing stress among case managers and will share updates in coming months.

The Commission for Case Manager Certification is the first and largest organization to certify case managers, and the CCM is the only comprehensive case manager certification accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). CCM certificants eligible for renewal can do so by ensuring that they have posted their 80 Continuing Education (CE) credits, including 8 ethics credits, to the CCMC Dashboard. Current CCM certificants can renew their certification starting March 1, 2023 by logging into

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