Commission for Case Manager Certification calls for comments on revised Code of Conduct for Certified Disability Management Specialists

Posted on 08/05/2019 - 10:33 AM

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ, Aug. 5, 2019—The Commission for Case Manager Certification® (the Commission), which oversees certification for more than 46,000 board-certified case managers and nearly 2,500 disability management specialists nationwide, is seeking input from certified disability management specialists (CDMS) and other interested parties on its revised CDMS® Code of Professional Conduct (the Code). The deadline for public comment is Aug. 31, 2019.

“Public comment on revisions is a professional responsibility for those holding the credential,” said MaryBeth Kurland, the Commission’s CEO. “One of the principles of the Code itself is that certified disability management specialists help maintain its integrity.”

The CDMS is an absence and leave management expert, with understanding of the systems, principles and policies needed to get people back to work, to their families and to optimal health. The CDMS acts as a liaison and navigator between the employer, employee and health care provider.

The Code was developed to assure CDMS professional conduct is consistent with the education, training and experience of certified disability management specialists and to set standards that protect the public interest. It includes broad principles—advisory in nature—and rules for professional conduct to be used as guidelines for practice. Governing procedures for hearing ethical complaints are also included in the Code. Compliance with the rules and standards in the Code is mandatory for everyone who earns the CDMS credential. 

Volunteer leadership contributed to the rigorous, multi-step revision process. The most recent revision included updates to the format of the code to align with the CCMC Code of Professional Conduct for Case Managers, but the primary objective remains consumer protection. Definitions were also updated to reflect current technology and means of communication, as well as today’s regulatory environment.

A code of professional conduct is particularly relevant for those with the CDMS credential because of the autonomy under which they practice. The principles, rules and standards for conduct address common concerns in ethics, such as conflict of interest and client relationships, as well as standards for advocacy, professional responsibility, legal compliance and keeping client data private.

“Employers are assured that in having a CDMS on staff, compliance and ethical standards are embedded in their work product and delivery of services. The Code applies to all, no matter where you work,” says Stan Scioscia, M.Ed, CDMS, who serves on the Commission. “The Code underscores our commitment to ethical, professional practice, offering employers confidence in a clear set of standards.”

The proposed Code is available for review at The Commission will only accept comments through this online method. After the public comment period is complete, the Commission will review all comments and address the need for additional revisions. The final revised Code of Professional Conduct is expected to be released by 2020.


About the Commission for Case Manager Certification 

The Commission for Case Manager Certification is the first and largest nationally accredited case management certification organization, credentialing nearly 50,000 professional case managers and disability management specialists. The Commission is a nonprofit, volunteer organization that oversees the process of case manager certification with its CCM® and CDMS® credentials. Offering an extensive portfolio of certification and professional advancement activities, the Commission is the most active and prestigious certification organization supporting the practices of case management and disability management. For more information, visit and, connect with the Commission on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @CCM_Cert.