IMPORTANT: The Commission is transitioning to a new testing vendor. Please read more information here. 

To read the testing center transition FAQs, click here.


Q - What is the Commission for Case Manager Certification?

A - The CCMC is the first and largest nationally accredited organization that certifies case managers. The CCMC is a non-profit, volunteer organization that oversees the process of case manager certification.

Q - I have forgotten my username/password.

A - Go to "Log In" and choose “Forgot Password”. Your password will be emailed to the email listed in your CCMC record.

Q – I am having trouble seeing my dashboard.

A - Internet Explorer has known incompatibilities with the functionality of the CCMC website. Please only use current versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best experience.

Q - How can I get a copy of my receipt?

A - Please LOG IN. It will change to MY ACCOUNT. There will be a menu where you can select Print Receipts.

Q - How do I receive my CCM certificate?

A - An email will be sent to you to order your complimentary certificate, with the option to order additional copies and frames to display your certificate. Please be sure to monitor your emails, including your spam folder for an email from the Commission, ccmchq@ccmcertification.org. Adding this email to your address book will ensure receipt.



Certification Guide Exam Guide


Q - How much is the application?

A - $225

Q - How much is the exam?

A - $195
Total paid with Application is $420

Q - Are there discounts or special offers?

A- Yes, if you are eligible and fall under any of the following:

Active Military and VA Employee discounts
NASW Collaborative
CMSA Collaborative

**CCMC will occasionally run promotional campaigns that will be sent via email. This will include promotional codes that will be needed to enter into your application at the time of applying. Please make sure you check your emails to see if there are current promotions running. Your promotion will NOT be applied after you have already submitted an application. 

Q - Do I have to wear a mask to my scheduled appointment?

A - As of May 1, 2022, Prometric will no longer require candidates or test center personnel to wear masks unless required to do so by building management or local government mandates. In light of recent trends and mask mandate changes around the world, along with updated guidance from leading world health organizations, Prometric will not require masks to be worn in test centers, however we will continue to allow and encourage the wearing of masks regardless of mandate or vaccination status. Thus, any candidate or staff member that prefers to wear a mask will feel comfortable doing so. We will also always follow the guidance of local government and health officials, so when masks are mandated in a market, Prometric will continue to follow that guidance in test centers as well.
For our most up-to-date global modified test center procedures, please visit https://www.prometric.com/covid-19-update/test-center-policies.

Q - What is the process to become certified?

A - You must meet all eligibility requirements, fill out and submit a complete application, including employer and primary license information, with complete fees. Once your application is approved, you will be notified and assigned an ID number. You may then schedule your exam at a local computer-based testing site. After you take the exam, you will be notified of your test results and mailed a certificate and letter of certification if you've passed.

Q - When can I apply for the exam?

A - View the application timeline.

Q - I am unable to take the exam, can I receive a refund?

A - If you are unable to take the test during the exam cycle for which you are approved, you may request and pay a one-time deferment ($85) to the next consecutive exam cycle. To make this request, you must first contact Prometric to cancel the original appointment. Then contact CCMC Customer Service at 856-380-6836 or ccmchq@ccmcertification.org to set up a deferment. If you do not take the exam, and you do not schedule a deferment, you will have to reapply and pay for a new application and exam. ($420)

Q - How do I know if I am eligible to apply?

A - Refer to the Certification Guide to determine if you are eligible.

Q - Do LPN/LVN licenses meet the education eligibility requirements?

A - A LPN or LVN can apply if they have earned a baccalaureate or graduate degree in health or human services as outlined in the Certification Guide.

Q - I need special testing accommodations. Will CCMC help me?

A - All of the computer-based testing sites operated by Prometric are ADA compliant. Special accommodations must be documented by your physician or other professional familiar with your case and submitted to CCMC. If your accommodations are approved, you will schedule your exam appointment by calling the Prometric special accommodations line. This number will be provided to you once your request has been approved.

Q - I’ve been approved to test. How do I get my testing number so I can schedule with Prometric?

A - Once you are approved, you will receive an email with your ATT number and instructions for scheduling your exam with Prometric.

Q - What can I expect when I arrive at the testing center?

A - For candidates testing in test centers, Prometric offers candidates a chance to become familiar with the look, feel and experience of the test center in advance of your exam. Learn more.
 For those candidates testing remotely, visit the Prometric site for detailed information including a video of what to expect.

Q - My CCM exam was canceled due to testing center closures. How can I reschedule to take my exam online through remote proctoring?

A - Candidates can schedule their new exam appointments through the online Prometric account. Here, you can choose the online proctored testing option or the traditional center-based testing option. If the testing centers in your area have been reopened, you will be able to select a location and an available seat. Please note, even if testing centers in your area have not been reopened, you will still see the center-based testing option, but it will say there are no available seats.

Q - My scheduled exam date is approaching, but I would rather take my exam online. How can I reschedule and opt to take the exam online through remote proctoring?

A - If you wish to change your exam delivery method, date, or time, you must do so at least 5 days prior to your appointment using the Reschedule/Cancel option at https://www.prometric.com/test-takers/search/ccmc. Due to unprecedented volumes on Prometric phone lines and email requests, responses during this time may be significantly delayed. We encourage you to reschedule online in order to avoid those delays. There will be a nominal Prometric fee to reschedule.

Q - How do I request ADA accommodations for my online exam?

A - If you require test accommodations in order to take your online exam, you must apply for and receive approval from CCMC before scheduling your exam. Once your request is submitted, you are required to have your medical provider submit documentation of disability and what accommodations are being requested and send to ccmchq@ccmcertification.org. Please note, CCMC will not consider requests for accommodations without supporting documentation, and you will not be unable to schedule your exam until your accommodations are approved. Please note, accommodations for remote proctoring at home are limited, please check with CCMC first.

Q - In what languages are the online exams offered through Prometric?

A - CCM online exams and communication with your proctor will be conducted in English only

Q - How do I schedule for the CCM online proctored exam?

A - After you have applied for a CCM exam, been approved, and received your exam scheduling instructions, you can visit https://www.prometric.com/test-takers/search/ccmc to schedule your appointment.

Q - How do I ensure ProProctor is compatible with my computer?

A - To ensure your computer will be compatible, please visit https://rpcandidate.prometric.com/.

Q - Can I use a corporate computer for my remote exam?

A - Individuals who are using a corporate computer or are on a corporate network may have more firewall/computer limitations as a result. While some individuals are not going to have permission to make changes on their work computer, some will and they can also work with their IT department in advance to follow these instructions.

Q - Is there anything I need to do before scheduling my online proctored exam? Can I practice for the new online proctored testing format?

A - Taking the CCM exam online is very similar to taking the exam at a computer testing center. The only difference is the online check-in process and that you are being proctored by a remote proctor via your microphone and webcam. As a way to prepare for your online exam, we suggest you visit https://www.prometric.com/ProProctor to review a short video overview of the testing experience.

Q: Can I test my computer before my scheduled exam?

A- YES! It is encouraged to complete System Readiness Check

  • Allows candidates to conduct an enhanced system readiness check prior to exam day to ensure their machine is ready to support the test day experience. In addition, candidates testing on the ProDriver platform will also be able to launch a mock exam for a complete end-to-end readiness check experience.
  • Candidates who have completed the enhanced system readiness check prior to exam day can bypass the check on test day and proceed to launch their exam.

Q - What are the technical requirements for remote proctoring?

A - Requires a functional internet connection, computer-enabled microphone, and webcam. Remote proctoring is compatible with both Mac and PC. We strongly recommend a readiness test prior to your exam, please visit https://rpcandidate.prometric.com/.

ProProctor has the following system requirements:

  • Screen Resolution: 1024 X 768
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 or above/ MacOS 10.13 or above
  • Web Browser: Latest Google Chrome
  • WebCam Resolution: 640 X 480p
  • Microphone: Enabled
  • Download Speed:  1.0 mbps

Q - How does online remote proctored testing work?

A - Similar to test center-based testing, online proctored testing requires that you be monitored by a proctor while you take your exam via your microphone and webcam. Before starting the exam, the candidate must present a valid, unexpired government-issued ID that is both signature and photo-bearing. Both ID signature and print must match the candidate’s name in demographics and look like the candidate. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver’s license, military identification card, passport, state identification card, and a valid national identification card. Your image and pictures of your surroundings will be captured. Once you begin the exam, you will not be permitted to leave the room or move out of the proctor’s view without first notifying and being acknowledged by the Proctor. Failure to inform the Proctor prior to taking a break or failure to return on time may result in an inability to complete the exam. Once the candidate returns from a break, a full security scan will be conducted prior to resuming the exam. Please note, exam time will continue to run during a break.

Q - What should I do if I have internet issues during a remote proctored exam?

A - Bandwidth speed drops can occur while using Wi-Fi, and can be spotty. CCMC suggests only the candidate use the internet for testing or hardwire where possible.

Q - What should I do if I have technical issues during a remote proctored exam?

A - You will need a camera, microphone, and webcam to successfully take CCM remote exams. It is expected that the candidate understands technical aptitude or the fundamentals of using a PC or Mac. For self-guided troubleshooting, consider using the ehelp page to search for common technical issues. Located at https://ehelp.prometric.com/proproctor/s/ . If issues persist, the "Contact Support" link appears on the top of the https://rpcandidate.prometric.com/ website.  For candidates in need of technical support while taking their ProProctor exam, please call 800-226-7958. The ProProctor exam support line is available daily from 7 AM - 12:30 AM EDT.

Q - I have contacted technical support, what can I expect for a resolution to my remote proctor issue?

A - Prometric's technical support agents will work with you to troubleshoot your individual and unique problem. Steps they may take as part of the resolution will vary depending upon issue. This may include asking you to reboot your machine, and in some cases, it is necessary for them to see what you are experiencing on screen. This will help expedite your resolution and get you back to your exam as quickly as possible.

Q - Where can I take my remote proctored exam?

A - When it is time for your scheduled exam, find a quiet, private, walled room with a closed door, and without distractions. Once the exam begins, you are not permitted to talk, stand, or move from your seat. Wall art, posters, and whiteboards will be inspected. Also, no one else and no pets is permitted in the room with you while you are testing. During the check-in process after you have submitted all required photos, the proctor may ask to see your environment, including the walls, floor space, and desktop. Additional monitors and computers must be unplugged and must be turned off. You must agree to this scan or you will not be permitted to proceed further or to take the exam.

Q - What devices do I need for online proctor testing?

A - You will need a stable internet connection and a reliable computer with a microphone and webcam. Please visit https://rpcandidate.prometric.com/ to review a full list of system requirements and instructions for running a system test prior to your exam.

Q - Where do I go to check in on exam day for my remote proctored exam?

A - Once you have scheduled your exam, Prometric will email you a confirmation notice of your ProProctor exam appointment. Included on the confirmation page are directions and information about environmental requirements, check-in procedures, and launching your exam. Please make sure you allow 30 minutes to prepare your testing environment.

To get started, please visit https://rpcandidate.prometric.com/ to run a system readiness check, download and install the ProProctor application, and launch your exam. You will be required to log in with your confirmation number and the first four characters of your last name.

Make sure you have your photo identification available so that your identity can be verified. Acceptable forms of identification include Driver’s license, military ID, national identification card, passport, and alien registration card (green card, permanent resident, and visa). The form must collectively contain both a photo and signature of the test candidate. We will only accept original documents and will not accept photocopies.

Be prepared to provide a 360º view of your environment using your webcam.

Although you will not see your Prometric Proctor, he/she will monitor you throughout the testing process and will be available to provide assistance at any point during your exam.

Q - Once logged in to ProProctor, what is the hold time to actually start my exam?

A - The average hold time to check-in is 15 mins compared to 30 mins at test centers. The candidate will observe a turning circle on the screen. Please do not disconnect as this indicates you are in a waiting queue. Prometric is working to add messaging to keep the candidate occupied and ensure everything is working fine.

Q - Will I be able to access the internet while taking my remote proctored exam?

A - Your computer will be locked down once you start your exam.

Q - Will I be able to use my phone while taking my remote proctored exam?

A - The use of mobile phones is prohibited during your exam. Using your phone may result in your exam session being terminated and you should prepare to be unreachable by phone while taking your exams. Mobile phones and other electronic devices must be placed out of arm's reach before you begin your exam. If there is a technical software issue during the exam, the proctor will try to contact you online using the ProProctor software. If the proctor cannot contact you via software, they will call you at the phone number you provided during the check-in process.

Q - Will I receive instant results once I complete my online remote exam?

A - Upon completion of the computer-based examination, you will receive an e-mail from Prometric with your test results. CCMC emails exam results within six weeks of the end of the exam period.

Q - Is technical software assistance available during the exam? For example, what if there is a power outage during the exam?

A - If there is a technical software issue during the exam, the proctor will try to contact you online using the ProProctor software. If the proctor cannot contact you via the software, they will call you at the phone number you provided during the check-in process. While you are not allowed to have your phone in your immediate workspace during the exam, you are permitted to use your phone in case of a technical issue to access technical support. The proctor will work with you to try to resolve the technical issues. Any lost time because of the technical issue cannot be added back into the exam and you will not be compensated for any lost time. If you would like to reschedule, the proctor will direct you to contact the Prometric Call Center with an Incident Report number they provide you.

Q - What if I can’t find an appointment date and time to meet my needs?

A - Please continue to periodically check availability as appointments open up. Prometric continues to increase the number of remote proctors available to fit your needs.

Q - How long will it take for me to be notified of my results?

You will receive a Pass/Not Pass notification at the test center.

Q - If I did not pass, how will I be notified of my performance on the exam?

CCMC receives the official results from Prometric about 2 weeks after the last day of the exam administration. All candidates will receive an email notification to check your dashboard. For those that did not pass, the dashboard will include their performance for each domain (proficient, marginal, or deficient).

Q - What is my actual score?

As the gold standard in case manager certification, CCMC strives to improve our processes and performance. In conjunction with the release of the new exam blueprint, the Commission reviews its policies and procedures in accordance with our accreditations regularly. As a result of these ongoing reviews, specific scores are not available. Candidates can be assured that the pass/no pass results are reliable. Each candidate’s exam is scored 3 times by Prometric to confirm the final results are correct.

Q - Why won’t you share my actual score?

As the gold standard in case manager certification, CCMC strives to improve our processes and performance. In conjunction with the release of the new exam blueprint, the Commission reviews its policies and procedures in accordance with our accreditations regularly. As a result of these ongoing reviews, specific scores are not available. Candidates can be assured that the pass/no pass results are reliable. Each candidate’s exam is scored 3 times by Prometric to confirm the final results are correct.

Q - I failed the exam. What are my options?

A - You can schedule a retake ($185) for the next cycle by contacting Customer Service at 856-380-6836 or ccmchq@ccmcertification.org. The candidate is only permitted one retake per application. The application is only good for two consecutive exam windows. If you do not schedule the retake in the next consecutive cycle, you will have to re-apply and pay the application and exam fee ($395)

Q - I had a death in the family. I would like to defer to the next cycle. What do I do?

A - You can request a one-time deferment by first contacting Prometric via their website or by phone at 800.722.2830 to cancel the original exam appointment. Then contact CCMC Customer Service at 856-380-6836 or ccmchq@ccmcertification.org to set up a deferment ($85). Deferment can be made any time between the time of initial approval and the week before the last day of the next exam cycle. If you do not take the exam in the first available cycle and you fail to schedule a deferral, you will need to complete a new application and pay application and exam fees ($395)

Q - Can you recommend any study guides to help me prepare?

A - CCMC does not endorse or recommend any preparatory course or materials. Review the exam guide and the different Domains that are included in the exam and concentrate on those areas in which you feel you have had less experience or that you do not perform on a regular basis. CCMC has published a list of references and a glossary of terms that are listed on the website. CCMC does offer a variety of practice exams to provide a true exam experience for applicants.

Q - How many questions are on the exam?

A - The exam consists of 180 multiple-choice questions. 150 are operational and 30 are pretest items. The exam is comprised of 5 major domains and 59 subdomains. You will have 3 hours to complete the content portion of the test.

Q - My application was denied. What can I do?

A - You can appeal the decision by making a request through your dashboard within 30 days. You will be required to submit additional information. If the denial is upheld, you will receive a refund of the examination fee.

Q - I am a social worker. Am I eligible?

A – Any health or human services professional with a four-year degree as outlined in the Certification Guide and who meets the experience requirements is eligible to sit for the CCM exam.

Q - What is the CCM Exam Pass rate?

A- Pass rate is defined as the percentage of people who pass the exam each time it is administered. This rate varies with each administration as well as for first-time exam candidates vs. retake candidates. The pass rate is NOT the exam candidate's score on the exam. For example, annual exam results are included below:

Exam Administration Total Number of Candidates Total Candidate % Passed Total Certified First Time Candidates First Time Candidate % Passed
April 2021 1,834 72% 1,326 1,140 76%
August 2021 1,708 65% 1,115 1,001 72%
December 2021 1,718 68% 1,175 1,018 74%



Renewal Guide

Q - How often must I renew my certification?

A - Every 5 years. The valid through date is printed on your certificate.

Q - How do I renew my certification?

A - At the time of renewal, you will need to have accrued 80 hours of CE including 8 ethics, pay a $275 renewal fee, and complete the online renewal form.

Q - What is the fee for recertification?

A - Renewal through CE $275, Renewal through Re-examination $470 (includes renewal and exam fee) plus any post approved CE review fees ($15/ea).

Q - What is the difference between post-approval and pre-approval CE?

A - Pre-approved courses have been approved by CCMC. Simply ask the course sponsor prior to registering. When you complete the activity, the sponsor will provide you with an attendance verification form that includes the CCMC approval number and the activity code. Any activity that involves a focus area described in the Renewal Guide can be submitted for approval on a post approval basis. There is a processing fee of $15/course. The fees are automatically calculated for you on the website application with easy to follow instructions for payment.

Q - Where can I find CE providers?

A - The CE providers listed on the CCMC website is provided as a service to our certificants and is not meant as an endorsement of any of the listed programs. Providers pay a fee to be listed and may not be pre-approved by CCMC. It is up to the individual to verify pre-approval status with the provider.

Q - What are the fees for post-approval courses?

A - Single program post-approval is $15 per course.

Q - Do I need to submit a new application for recertification?

A - You will need to complete an online renewal form, submit a copy of your current license, enter your 80 hours of CE and pay the $275 renewal fee plus any post approved CE review fees.

Q - When can I submit my recertification?

A - You will be able to complete your renewal approximately 3 months prior to the “valid through” date printed on your certificate. The online renewal system is activated at this time.

Q - What options do I have for renewal?

A - There are 2 renewal options.
1. Documentation of 80 hours of approved CE
2. Re-examination

Q - How do I enter CE?

A - Login to "My Account" and click CCM Dashboard to enter your courses as pre-approved or post approved.

Q - I am entering pre-approved credits and I can’t find the activity code and approval number.

A - If it is not on your certificate of attendance, you must contact the provider.

Q- Can I earn CE for a course I have already completed prior?

A- No, if you have already taken a course and earned CE for that, you can not use the same course to receive a duplicate CE.

Q - What does the collaboration mean to me as a CCM?

A - Any ACM or CCM holder can apply for continuing education credit that is pre-approved from either organization beginning July 1, 2020.

Q - How do I enter ACMA approved courses onto my dashboard?

A - When you log onto your CCM dashboard, you will see a button on the bottom of the screen entitled “ACMA approved.” Please enter all the information in the box and then submit.

Q - Will I be charged a $15 post approved fee for ACMA approved courses that I enter onto my CCM dashboard?

A - No, beginning July 1, 2020, courses that are ACMA approved can be entered onto your dashboard at no additional charge.

Q - How do I know if a course is ACMA approved and accepted by CCMC?

A - On the Certificate of Completion, it will state that the course is ACMA approved.

Q - What is the difference between “Pre-approved” and “ACMA approved”?

A - If you take a course that is “Pre-approved by CCMC”, it means that the provider of that specific course has submitted that course to be reviewed and approved by CCMC to offer that course. As part of the collaboration, any course that you take that is “ACMA approved” will automatically be accepted by CCMC.

Q - If I earn more than 80 clock hours in a five-year period, may I apply the excess to the next renewal cycle?

A - No you cannot. Since continuing education is intended to keep certificants current with emerging trends and technologies, CE's must be earned within your current 5-year cycle

Q – Will I be charged for post approved CE entered after I reach 80 CE?

A – Yes, you will be charged a review fee for all post approved CE entered so enter only your required number of CE’s.

Q - Can I send in my CE documentation?

A - No, certificants must document their CE activities online. Please save all documentation in case your transcript is audited. You will need to provide all certificates of attendance at that point.

Q - I missed the deadline to renew. What can I do to maintain my certification?

A - If you fail to renew, you are required to re-apply, meet all CURRENT standards, and retake the exam.

Q - What is the deadline for renewing through re-examination?

A - A CCM must exercise the re-examination option before the “valid through” date on their certificate, or the CCM designation will expire. Individuals with expired CCM designations are not permitted to resume using the CCM credential until they have successfully applied for and passed the examination.

Q - I missed the deadline. Can I still renew?

A - CCMC will accept and review formal late renewal requests submitted within the first 30 days after the “valid through” date printed on the individual’s certificate. In order to be considered, the CCM must have the following: Documentation of 80 hours of CE, a current license that allows for independent practice, and a clear and compelling reason with the documentation for having missed the deadline. If a request is approved, the CCM will need to pay the standard renewal fee plus an additional late fee. ($275 + $175) Late renewal requests submitted after 30 days are considered denied without review. Not receiving notification of renewal deadline or lack of awareness of renewal deadline or process are not valid excuses.

Q - What’s the difference between a professional case manager and a board-certified case manager?

A - The Commission gives eligible professional case managers an opportunity to be board certified as case managers across the spectrum of health and human services. We know from the growing demand for board-certified case managers that employers acknowledge their value. To be eligible for the CCM Exam, you must hold a current, active, and unrestricted licensure or certification in a health or human services discipline that within its scope of practice allows the professional to conduct an assessment independently and/or a baccalaureate or graduate degree in social work, nursing, or another health or human services field that promotes the physical, psychosocial, and/or vocational well-being of the persons being served. In addition, you must satisfy the minimum of 12-24 months of acceptable case management employment experience as defined by the Commission.

Board-certified case managers demonstrate they have the expertise, knowledge and professional experience to provide the right services to patients across the continuum of care. They are committed to uphold the highest professional and ethical standards. To maintain their credential, board-certified case managers must comply with the Code of Professional Conduct for Case Managers, which is enforced by the Commission

Q - What if I receive an error message when entering my pre-approval CE in my account?

A - If you receive an error message, please make sure you are entering the correct date in the format of mm/dd/yyyy and that no extra spaces is included at the end of the activity or approval code. If that still does not work, please contact the organization/provider that issued your certificate. The provider is responsible for supplying the correct information on your certificate of completion. 


Pre-Approved Continuing Education (PACE)

Q - Why was I assessed a late fee?

A - $125 late fee for anything submitted 10-19 days before the day of the program.

Q - How long is my course approved for?

A - One calendar year.

Q - How can I get my organization’s program approved for CCM board certified case managers?

A - Submit your application with payment at least 20 business days (4 calendar weeks) before you offer your activity.

Q - I forgot to submit my organization’s program for approval and the activity has already taken place. What can I do?

A - The Commission will not retroactively approve programming for any reason, at any time.

Q - How long is the turnaround time for receiving a decision on my application?

A - Because of the large volume of applications we receive, it can take up to 30 calendar days after submission and receipt of payment to make a decision on an application. If a late fee is paid, the Commission will expedite the review of your program.

Q - How do I get the approval once my program is reviewed?

A - The final decision letter (approval or rejection) will be emailed to the contact person listed on your application. If approved, this letter will contain your approval number, activity code and the CCM approval statement which must be included on the certificate of completion provided to participants. Please be sure to add pace@ccmcertification.org to your safe sender's list.

Q - If my program is approved for CCM board certified case managers, will RNs or social workers be able to get credits for it?

A - The Commission only grants CE for board-certified case managers. To obtain any other professional type of CE and the activity code, please contact the appropriate state licensing/certifying board.

Q - What if our company does not have a brochure for the program we would like to have approved?

A - If you do not have a brochure, you will need to create one. Your promotional materials can be an email reminder to employees, promotional copy on your website, a formal, printed brochure, etc. There are further details regarding the requirements for promotional materials on page 12 of the PACE Guide.

Q - I have not received my approval yet. When will I get it?

A - If you have not heard from The Commission via email within 30 business days of your application submission, please email pace@ccmcertification.org or call the National Office at 856-380-6836 to check the status of your application.

Q - Do we need to issue a certificate to attendees?

A - Yes, the certificate must include approval language, activity code, and approval number issued by CCMC. Must also have the name of the attendee, name of program, date, amount of CCM credit issued, contact info of provider. Certificates must be issued in case a CCM is audited.

Q - What is the difference between and in service and standard applications?

A - In-service applications are for employers providing in-service training to their employees at no cost. The in-service fee is $50 per course/year. The standard fee is $125 per course/year.

Q – What if my program is on more than one date?

A – You can write in ‘various’ but it will still be valid for 1 year.


Digital Badges

Q - What is a digital badge?

A - A digital badge is a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality, or interest that can be earned in many learning environments. CCMC issues digital badges to its Board-Certified Case Managers through CCMC® Digital Badging to make it easier for you to provide proof of your hard-earned CCM® status to your clients and colleagues.

Q - How do I get issued a CCM® digital badge?

A - The Commission issues digital badges to those who have successfully passed the CCM® exam or have renewed their CCM® certification. Please allow 6 weeks after the exam period or certification period to access your digital badge.

Q - How do I use my CCM® digital badge?

A - The CCM® digital badges can be shared via digital media platforms and/or as part of your email signature. When someone clicks on the badge image, the link will bring them to your personal validation page on the CCMC Digital Badging website which provides official confirmation of your CCM® status.

Q - How do I access my digital badge?

A - You will receive an email from the Commission informing you that you have been issued a CCM® Certified badge. You will then login using your CCM credentials and will be given instructions on how to share your badge. If you missed your email, you can visit https://badging.ccmcertification.org/my-badges and follow the steps above.