WEBINAR: Assessment for Social Determinations of Health: CDCs ACE Question Set

Learning Objectives:
  • Verbalize at least five of the 10 Adverse Childhood Experience categories and how they relate to risk factors for physical well-being
  • Describe three to four key medical conditions that are more likely to exist among individuals with higher ACE scores
  • Reflectively consider two ways to incorporate ACE understanding into practice with clients
Course Type: Online
Course Offering: Webinar
Domain Focus: Care Delivery and Reimbursement Methods, Ethical, Legal, and Practice Standards, Healthcare Reimbursement, Case Management Concepts, Healthcare Management and Delivery, Principles of Practice, Psychosocial Concepts and Support Systems, Psychosocial Aspects, Quality and Outcomes Evaluation and Measurements, Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Concepts and Strategies
Start Date: 04/07/2018
End Date: 04/07/2019
CE Credits: 1.00
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