NA2194: Vaping

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Learning Objectives
Describe the process of vaping, including the necessary equipment.
Explain the current regulation of vaping in the US and Canada.
List the risks attributed to vaping.
Discuss the vaping of nicotine, the benefits and burdens, and the use of vaping as a method to stop smoking.
Present the use of marijuana, the benefits and burdens of using vaping versus smoking marijuana, and the risks of marijuana vaping.
Describe the difficulty of vaping in adolescents and the increased use of vaping and nicotine addiction in that population.
Compare the Canadian study with that of the MTF survey in the United States and list the resources available in Canada for vaping information.
Discuss how vaping relates to the regular flu as well as the predisposition for COVID in patients who vape.
Present the care of hospitalized patients with EVALI, including the evaluation, care, and discharge planning needed.