Introducing FREE CE Day

Posted on 04/22/2021 - 3:41 PM

Learning doesn't end when you earn your CCM! The Commission provides a wealth of learning opportunities to keep you at the forefront of current case management practice. To promote your continued success, the Commission is going to begin offering free CEs to you. How will this promotion work?

Keep an eye on your favorite CCMC social media channel, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, for free CE announcements.
Announcement of these "pop-up" free CE opportunities will happen at 5 pm on select Thursdays when your 24-hour access to the CE begins.
The CE will be available for a limited time window, from 5 pm Thursday to 5 pm Friday EDT.

As a reminder, the Commission offers the following resources for you to get the education and credits you need:

Visit our featured PACE™ providers for preapproved continuing education offerings
The CMLearning Network® features research, case examples and the latest on regulatory changes, ethics and current trends.
The Commission also provides two continuing education ethics credits at no cost for CCMs who read the Code of Professional Conduct for Case Managers and take the available post-test.

The Commission is dedicated to helping you continue your professional education with courses and other activities that will help you serve your clients more effectively. Click below for the free CE starting at 5pm today 4/22!