Using Social Media to Position Yourself as an Expert in your Profession

Posted by Martine DiDonato on 07/31/2017 - 10:29 AM

We are all familiar with Social Media and probably use it as a great way to connect with others, get news and search career opportunities. 

But, what about using social media outlets to set yourself apart as an expert, the “go-to” person for advice and the latest news in your field?  Social media provides you a unique opportunity to become a “thought-leader” in your industry, and here is how you can take advantage of it!

LinkedIn  Follow companies and industry leaders who are well-known in your area of expertise.  Like and respond thoughtfully to their posts offering your insight and experiences.  If you have met in person, follow up on LinkedIn and reintroduce yourself.  Always take the time to personalize messages congratulating connections on new positions or anniversaries - a personal touch goes a long way!

Twitter  Tweet and re-tweet news regarding your profession. Follow your local and national government representatives. Use Twitter to communicate directly to your representatives to make them aware of any legislation that may be affecting your occupation and those who you serve.

Blogs  Express yourself!  Share your daily challenges and the tools you used to problem solve.  There are many online tools to help you start your blog.

In general, be discerning.  Only like or post items that you want other people to know about and that are relevant to your skill.  Do not overshare; too many posts, likes or tweets may create “noise” and cause people to unfollow you.  Remember, you are trying to create an expert profile on a subject.

Keep yourself current.  It takes time!  Don’t rely on one source for all of your information. 

Be positive.  Be mindful of who you follow and connect with and what you like and retweet.  You want to portray a positive image.

Lastly, and it is worth repeating, what you put out there on Social Media is a “tattoo”.  It cannot be reversed!  Make sure what you post today will not have a negative impact tomorrow.  It can be easy to react too quickly to a post or tweet that incites emotion.  Make sure that what you post is something that you would want your colleagues to see. 

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