Finding Reputable Continuing Education for Case Managers

Posted on 03/11/2021 - 4:27 PM

Continuing education is a vital component of case management—not only does it help you stay updated on the latest information affecting your job, it directly influences your ability to provide the best client care. The Commission for Case Manager Certification’s (the Commission’s) commitment to the professional development and continuing education of case managers has led to the development of a range of products and services that help case managers earn and maintain their board-certified credentials.

Through the Case Management Body of Knowledge, PACE Directory, and the CMLearning Network, the Commission has made it their mission to provide resources for certificants to continue learning.


Case Management Body of Knowledge

The Case Management Body of Knowledge (CMBOK) is an online repository for all case managers and other select healthcare professionals across all practice settings. A 12-month subscription allows certificants 24/7 online access to comprehensive knowledge suitable for learners of all styles, with the potential to earn more than 100 continuing education (CE) credits. 

Flow charts and diagrams visually illuminate the nine-phase case management process while in-depth supporting materials explore how this process can be used in any care or practice setting for a wide-range of healthcare professionals who perform the role of case manager.

The CMBOK also provides access to a free set of educational toolkits on a wide range of topics including diabetes, oncology, lung cancer. The toolkits are available to anyone and can be found at


CMLearning Network

For learners seeking dynamic online content, the CMLearning Network is a premiere online destination for information about future and present practice of patient-centric case management services.

Here, certificants can purchase webinars on topics including ethical issues, workers compensation, accessible care, and more. Certificants can also watch recordings of New World Symposium sessions and even listen to the Take A Listen podcast series, which covers trends in health care that affect case managers. 


PACE Directory

The Pre-Approved Continuing Education (PACE) Directory is another repository with pre-approved courses for board Certified Case Managers (CCM) to retain their CCM credentials. Every five years certificants must earn 80 hours in CE credits or retake the challenging CCM exam.

In a sometimes-saturated industry of webinars and available CEs, the Commission sets the bar high to ensure that the offerings in the PACE Directory are of value and help users become better case managers. 

“They have to have learning outcomes that identify what the case manager would take back to incorporate into their practice. There needs to be information to help them in their role, something that they could incorporate into their daily practice,” said Vivian Campagna, MSN, RN-BC, CCM, Chief Industry Relations Officer for the CCMC.

All the courses are pre-approved for CCM continuing education and can be found in the PACE Directory including webinars, onsite events, journal articles, home-based learning courses, and other web-based education. Some featured PACE Providers include Johns Hopkins Nursing, University of Southern Indiana College of Nursing and Health Professions, Case Management Society of America, and more.


A Smooth CE Process

When a certificant earns CE credits via the CMBOK, CMLearning Network, or PACE Directory, those credits are automatically added to their dashboard and can be used towards renewal without additional fees. Certificants who complete courses that aren’t pre-approved by the Commission can submit those courses for post-approval to renew their CCM credentials, but will be assessed an additional fee. 

The Commission is dedicated not only to making it easy to earn and maintain your CCM credential, but to helping educate case managers to provide the highest level of client care. With a dynamic, versatile library featuring hundreds of hours of CE opportunities, find the education you need with the Commission’s resources.

Finding reputable continuing education is just a few clicks away on


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