Charting the Path for a Ready Workforce

Posted by Charlotte Sortedahl on 12/18/2017 - 1:41 PM

As the Commission celebrates its 25th anniversary, I am reminded of our history. The same driving force that created the commission – and the first exam to test case manager competency— propels us to achieve even more today.

Our founders, a committee of professionals from across the healthcare industry, envisioned the CCM as a means for case managers to easily demonstrate their readiness and job expertise to employers and clients.

Today’s Commission remains focused on preparation, development, and readiness of a clearly differentiated workforce. As a leader, the Commission seeks to address a gap in workforce preparation by emphasizing case management principles across all healthcare settings.

Due to the aging population and changes in the healthcare landscape; consumers, payers, healthcare professionals, and organizations are looking for care coordination and well-managed transitions across the continuum. Case managers must have a 360-degree view of health. The physical, mental/emotional and social needs of individuals demand a big-picture mindset and knowledge of community resources.

As case settings become more integrated, the need to prepare more case managers with CCM-validated competency motivates us to remain visionary about the future and the forces remolding health care. We commit to this by adding workforce development tools to the CMLearning Network Resource Center and raising awareness through the New World Symposium.

As a CCM, you are part of the community that can keep case managers at the forefront of the changing healthcare landscape. How can you play a role in ensuring there is a prepared workforce in the future?

Stay certified:
As a population, we are living longer. The average life expectancy is a decade longer than it was in 1950. That leaves tons of opportunity to create lifelong and professional relationships.

Stay energized:
Be proud of your profession and the work that you do. Tell your students, clients, and colleagues about the importance of continued education and certification. Always use your credential when signing your name in practice.

Develop others:
Examine your professional relationships and connections. Make new connections, reach out a hand to an up-and-coming case manager in professional organizations, online discussion groups, or at events like the CCMC New World Symposium. Share your experiences and ideas. Mentor one or more and help us ensure the next generation of well-prepared case managers.

As we celebrate the Commission’s 25th anniversary, take some time to reflect upon our history and look ahead to our future. Let’s move ahead together with confidence, firmly building on the strong foundation and values set by our founders. 

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