Jeannie LeDoux, RN, BSN, MBA, CCM, CPHQ, CTT+

“I wanted the opportunity to be part of CCMC because of the dedication and drive to make the value of Case Managers known.”


Jeannie LeDoux is a Senior Clinical Educator at MCG – a part of Hearst Health.

Ms. LeDoux is a licensed registered nurse with a MBA that is focused on Healthcare. Her professional experience includes work with diverse cultures, with special needs and complex medical issues, both domestically and internationally. This includes countries where there were limited or no resources available. She has worked abroad on special operations like Operation Iraq Freedom–Iraq and Operation Enduring Freedom–Afghanistan) inpatients (wounded soldiers).

Ms. LeDoux’s extensive work with the military includes the management of TRICARE Service Center (TX) and as a consultant for quality medical care, with Humana Military Healthcare Services.  She also was a consultant for a legal group in her area for Quality. 

Ms. LeDoux has been a part of CCMC as volunteer for two years then as a Commissioner for two years, acting as the chair of the Ethics Committee and part of the Programs & Services Committee. 

Personal Statement

“I have been a nurse and a CCM forever and proudly wear a T-shirt that says “And on the 7th day God charted”. Being a military spouse, my jobs truly have been varied in location and scope and included insurance and hospitals, domestically and internationally. I am currently working in the Health software guideline arena and travel all over the US seeing daily, how vital Case Managers are both to the patients and to their organizations. I wanted the opportunity to be part of CCMC because of the dedication and drive to make the value of Case Managers known.”

Subject Matter expertise

Ms. LeDoux has experience in both payor and provider.  Her range has been from Assistant Director of Nursing to Senior Clinical Educator, from Manager to Director and everything in between.  She is certified in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) and has worked as a Senior Clinical Informatics Analyst.  She worked trauma for 20 years, and has expertise in leadership, management and case management.


NAHQ, CCMC, local chapter of CMSA


As a Senior Clinical Educator, Ms. LeDoux has done multiple presentations, done foster care training, clinical trainings, suicide prevention along with professional trainings.


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