Jane Harkey, RN-BC, MSW, CCM

“A prime method to provide optimum care for the elderly as well as help them to remain as independent as possible is through geriatric case management.”


Jane Harkey is a registered nurse certified in Gerontological Nursing by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), as well as having a post graduate certificate in Gerontology from Rutgers University School of Social Work. Jane currently operates a private Geriatric Care Management practice based in New Jersey, that provides assistance to caregivers of geriatric individuals to safely maintain in-home placement of their loved ones for as long as possible. This is done by working with the individual, the caregiver/s and the interdisciplinary care team to provide a comprehensive geriatric assessment, develop an individualized care plan, facilitate the execution of the care plan, and re-evaluate and amend the care plan as needed.

Jane also is an E-Learning Developer. She develops on-line continuing education programs for Social Workers which are approved for continuing education hours through the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).

Jane began her registered nursing career working with terminally ill and special needs children. Setting end of life or long-term goals as needed required intensive case management coordination. Jane returned to school to get her master's degree in Social Work and began work in geriatrics. She held many positions in this field, eventually becoming the Administrator of a Medical Day Program for Adults, overseeing all care management activities. She ended her full-time career instructing continuing education courses at the Rutgers School of Social Work. She also instructed all Social Workers in New Jersey on Bioterrorism and Emergency Preparedness through a National Homeland Security Grant, under the auspices of Rutgers University.

Jane has served on numerous state and national task forces, including the National Council on Aging (NCOA) Public Policy Committee, The National Adult Day Services Association Public Policy Chair, the New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services (NJ DHSS) Issues Workgroup to the Consumer Education Provider Relations Subcommittee Task Force on Medicaid Managed Care , New Jersey EASE (Easy Access Single Entry) Care Management Standards Advisory Committee and Work Group, NJ DHSS Division of Consumer Support Community Choice Advisory Committee, and the New Jersey Long Term Care Advisory Committee.

Jane has conducted presentations at local, state and national seminars. She has also served as an executive consultant to long term health care facilities, developing policy and procedure manuals to comply with state health department regulations. She has also written and served as a Grant Coordinator at several learning institutions.

Jane has been a Commissioner for CCMC for three years, currently serving as the Chair of the Commission and on the Executive Committee.

Subject Matter Expertise

Geriatric case management • Nursing • Social Work • Legislative advocacy • Development of e-learning modules • Emergency preparedness • End of Life issues

Personal Statement

Jane feels that health care for the elderly is of national concern. Statistics show that the North American elderly population is growing at a rapid rate due to the "Baby Boomers" reaching the age of Medicare eligibility. Concurrently, the elderly tend to have more chronic illnesses as well as use more medications than other population groups. Historically, these individual have received fragmented care as a result of getting treatment from different specialists, facilities, and possibly different pharmacies. To add to the challenges of providing quality health care, Jane feels it is important to recognize that the natural aging process impacts the results of any treatments and medications the elderly receive. Jane recognizes that another obstacle the elderly face is that they may not have caregivers living close-by or may have caregivers who are elderly and infirm themselves. Add to all of this, most elderly and their families desire that they maintain in-home placement. Jane feels strongly that a prime method to provide optimum care for the elderly as well as help them to remain as independent as possible is through geriatric case management. Payers of health benefits are also looking for ways to optimize the use of health resources and geriatric case management is an effective way to do this. Jane has found it gratifying to help families and individuals work through the confusing maze of the health care system as well as empowering them to look at all of their financial, social, legal and psychological needs to improve their quality of life. The ability to provide this type of case management is enhanced by a board-certified case manager who has the requisite skills and who continues to improve those skills through continuing education.

Current Memberships

  • Case Management Society of America
  • National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers
  • Trinity Health Ministry
  • Citizen's Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  • The International Women’s Leadership Association

Conference Presentations

  • State and National Adult Day Services Annual Conferences.
  • New Jersey EASE Conferences

E-Learning Modules

  • Case Management: Across the Care Continuum
  • Geriatric Case Management: Meeting the Needs of the Frail and Elderly Across the Continuum of Care
  • Health Literacy: How to Overcome Non-Compliance and Medical Errors
  • Stress: Impact on Ethical Behavior
  • Be Careful: Personal Safety for Social Workers
  • Bioterrorism: A New Role for Social Workers
  • Ebola – Fear of the Unknown and its Impact on Ethical Behavior
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Elder Care
  • Chronic Pain – What Can We Do About It?

Media Highlights

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