A major strength of the Commission is our research-based approach for developing the CCM® certification exam. The original Role & Functions study used to develop the first exam captured the breadth of the knowledge, skills and activities case managers perform in the field. The Role & Functions Study is fielded every five years to validate and improve the CCM and to inform the development of The Commission for Case Manager Certification’s Case Management Body of Knowledge® (CMBOK®). No other case management certification program uses this evidence-based model.

New evidence from CCMC’s 2014 Role and Function Study of nearly 8,000 case managers shows that these professionals are more in demand than ever, and more employers are rewarding certification in case management. It is also an avenue for the Commission to track trends in the marketplace, and to communicate the implications of those trends to its certificants. Please read the most recent Key Findings

In 2011, the Commission introduced the world to its Case Management Knowledge Framework, developed by the Commission to assist all partners in health care quality to identify training needs of professional case managers as they take expanded roles in new models of care. The Case Management Knowledge Framework serves as the structure for the CMBOK, the first comprehensive, Web-based, peer-reviewed, online knowledge resource available about the practice of case management. Organizational subscriptions to the CMBOK are available, contact customer service at 856-380-6836 for more details.

The Commission is dedicated to the support of ongoing research that offers evidence of the value of case management, and that sheds light on the changing role of the professional case manager. Read our Issue Briefs for more information