Practice Exam Information

A series of practice exams to assist in studying preparation for the CCM® exam is NOW available for purchase! These exams utilize actual CCM exam questions that are now retired to provide a true exam experience for applicants. An explanation for correct answers is provided for every exam question, to assist in your understanding of the concepts being examined. This is the only practice exam authorized by the Commission.


Exam Options and Pricing:
Two types of practice exams are available for purchase: one exam that mimics the full CCM exam (100 questions), and 6 domain-specific mini exams (20 questions per exam).
You can purchase the practice exam modules for 24 hours, or 7 days, and you can access your purchased exam(s) up to 100 times within the window of time you select. There isn’t a limit to the amount of exams an individual can purchase.

Choosing a practice exam:
After logging in and processing payment, from the Main Menu, choose “Take Practice Test” to begin your practice exam. DO NOT choose “Take Test.”  The "Take Test" option only allows users to access the practice exam one time.  REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED TO CUSTOMERS THAT CHOOSE "TAKE TEST" AND REQUEST UNLIMITED ACCESS BASED ON THE MODULE PURCHASED.

Select and take Practice Test

  • Users will have unlimited access to the exam based on the module purchased.
  • Users can complete the exam all at once or can close their browser without clicking End Test.  Your answers will be saved and you can resume the test at a later date.

To Resume Test:

  •  Login and click Resume Test to continue with your practice exam.

To begin a new test after clicking End Test:

  • Return to main menu and chose Take Practice Test
  • Select the exam you registered for to take the exam again or select and pay for a different test.

The CCM Practice Exam and the CCM Domain-Specific Exams utilize a separate assortment of questions. When you re-access the exam(s) you purchased, you will receive the same exam questions but they will be shuffled and shown in a different numerical order.

Explanation for Answers:
Throughout the practice exam(s), users have the option to view the correct score for any question by clicking on the “show answer” button within the exam(s). After clicking there, the explanation for why the correct answer is correct will appear at the bottom of the exam window.

To purchase practice exam(s), click here.

If you already purchased practice exam(s),  log in here to take your practice exam(s). Please bookmark this site!

CCM Practice Exam – 100 questions, represents the full exam administration:
24 Hours - $59.99
7 Days - $79.99

CCM Domain-Specific Practice Exams - 20 questions, represents specific domains from the CCM exam:
Psychosocial Aspects
24 Hours - $19.99
7 Days - $24.99

Healthcare Reimbursement
24 Hours - $19.99
7 Days - $24.99

24 Hours - $19.99
7 Days - $24.99

Healthcare Management and Delivery
24 Hours - $19.99
7 Days - $24.99

Principles of Practice
24 Hours - $19.99
7 Days - $24.99

Case Management Concepts
24 Hours - $19.99
7 Days - $24.99

Disclaimer: The CCM exam is a practice-based exam, and includes questions all experienced case managers should know and understand. These practice exams are available only as a resource to focus studying efforts in preparation for the CCM exam. There is no guarantee that performance on a practice exam will yield the same performance on the actual CCM exam.

For questions, please contact CCMC National Headquarters at 856-380-6836 or