Health Care Organizations

Case management has never been more relevant than it is in today’s changing health care environment. We are seeing an evolution of care that focuses on whole-patient health and coordinated delivery—two characteristics that land squarely in the professional case manager’s domain. Board certification, achieved by earning the Commission’s CCM® credential, is the next step in the professional case manager’s developmental path, demonstrating that the case manager possesses the education, skills, knowledge, and experience required to render appropriate services delivered according to sound principles of practice. The CCM is the oldest and only research-based case manager certification, recognized broadly for its rigorous examination.

Today’s case managers are employed by hospitals, physician practices, health plans, workers' compensation organizations, rehabilitation facilities, behavioral health companies, disease management organizations and in independent practice. We see case management as an area of specialty practice within nursing, social work, vocational rehabilitation and other human services professions. We believe that everyone benefits when clients reach their optimum level of wellness, self-management, and functional capability: the clients being served; their families and caregivers; the health care delivery system; and the various payer sources.

How can you work with the Commission? The Commission can help you connect with highly qualified case managers through the CCMC Career Center. We also urge you to take advantage of the range of resources we offer to promote, advance and advocate for case managers. These resources can be use to both increase your own knowledge of case management and to advance the knowledge of case managers within your organization.

The Commission for Case Manager Certification launched the Case Management Body of Knowledge® (CMBOK®) to offer comprehensive, web-based foundational knowledge a professional case manager must possess to work independently and effectively. The CMLearning Network® is a learning hub and network for information about the current and future practice of high-quality case management services.