Germ Alert! 2017-2018: Viruses, Bacteria, and Epidemics

Learning Objectives:
  • 1)identify causes of antibiotic resistance and practical considerations aimed at appropriate and evidence-based use of antimicrobial agents.
  • 2)list current interventions for viral infections, including available vaccines, antibacterial, and antiviral medications.
  • 3)compare and contrast methods of prevention of spread of contagion during the 2017 2018 seasonal influenza epidemic.
  • 4)discuss approaches and advances in HIV prevention, diagnosis, and treatment as well as emerging viral vectors.
  • 5)describe the oral health implications of viral and bacterial infections, methods of diagnosis and management, including the use of beneficial bacteria (probiotics).
  • 6)recognize the issues surrounding the re-emergence of preventable infectious diseases such as measles, poliomyelitis, cholera, and others, and the preparedness of health-care professionals.
  • 7) discuss the clinical trials aiming to use viruses as therapeutic agents, such as oncolytic viruses for the treatment of oncologic pathology
  • 8)describe how the information in this course can be utilized to improve patient care and patient outcomes.