NEW WEBINAR: Enabling the Power of E-patients

Empowered, engaged, equipped and enabled: Enabling the power of e-patients
May 10, 2017
Speaker: e-Patient Dave (Dave deBronkart), Patient Engagement Advocate, Author

Learning Objectives:

  • Communicate the World Bank’s definition of empowerment and the five levels of Arnsteins’ Ladder of Citizen Participation;
  • Discuss the benefits for patients (and their caregivers) when they gain access to their own records and become engaged in their ongoing care; and
  • Describe three ways case managers can “let patients help.”

Speaker: e-Patient Dave (Dave deBronkart)
Patient Engagement Advocate, Author

Dave deBronkart, known on the Internet as e-Patient Dave, is the author of the highly rated Let Patients Help: A Patient Engagement Handbook and one of the world’s leading advocates for patient engagement. After beating stage IV kidney cancer in 2007 he became a blogger, health policy advisor and international keynote speaker. An accomplished speaker in his professional life before cancer, he is today the best-known spokesman for the patient engagement movement.

deBronkart has appeared in Time, U.S. News, USA Today, Wired, MIT Technology Review, and in the HealthLeaders cover story “Patient of the Future.” His writings have been published in the British Medical Journal, the Society for General Internal Medicine Forum, iHealthBeat, and the conference journal of the American Society for Clinical Oncology. He serves on the BMJ’s patient advisory panel, and he was the Mayo Clinic’s 2015 Visiting Professor in Internal Medicine.